HAND DRY CUTTER 8230-AIR / Air-operated

HAND DRY CUTTER 8230-AIR - Air-operated, cuts sandwich panels, trapezoidal sheets, shutter pipes and much more up to a cutting depth of 82 mm
  • Ideal for cutting metal sheets, sandwich panels, trapezoidal sheets, steel pipes & profiles,
    non ferrous metals and composite materials, optional with shock resistant LBS-blade.
  • By default fitted with a Ø 230/48T resharpenable HM-saw blade for
    highest cutting lifes at a high cutting quality
  • Strong and light construction: only 8,6 kg
  • Chip collector for clean work
  • No need of lubrication
  • Maximum cutting depht 82 mm / 56 mm bevel cut
    and thickness 10 mm

  • Hand Dry Cutter 8230-AIR - air-operated for steel

  • Hand Dry Cutter 8230-AIR cuts pipes and profiles made of steel
  • Hand Dry Cutter 8230-AIR with shock resistant LBS-Saw blade cuts metal grids
  • Hand Dry Cutter 8230-AIR ATEX/CEN approved, no electric!
  • Hand Dry Cutter 8230-AIR with shock resistant LBS-Saw blade cuts metal grids
  • Hand Dry Cutter 8230-AIR cuts sandwich panels
  • HM Saw blades Ø 230 mm for Hand Dry Cutter 8230-AIR: 48T NSF for stainless steel - FOOD, 48T SI for stainless steel - CONSTRUCTION, 48T for stainless steel / steel, 48T Standard for steel, 60T for aluminum, 68T for thin walled material, 84T for thin sheet metal, 60T LBS shock resistant

Operating pressure (Flow pressure) 6 bar
Motor output 1.500 W
No load speed 1.700 rpm
Air consumption approx. 2 m³/min
Air connection R ½” Female (standard)
ID of hose min. Ø 13 mm
Netto weight approx. 8,6 kg
Saw blade size Ø 230 mm
Noise level (1m distance) 103,3 dB(A)
Vibration level no load speed < 2,5 m/s²
Product description Ref.
Hand Dry Cutter 8230-AIR with Ø 230/48T Saw blade
+ Box
Hand Dry Cutter 8230-AIR with Ø 230/60T LBS-blade
+ Box
Max. cutting capacities in mm 90° cut 45° bevel cut
Cutting depth 82 56
Angle 82 x 10 56 x 8
Square 82 x 5 56 x 4
Round 82 x 5 56 x 4
Plate 10 8
HM Saw blades for Hand Dry Cutter 8230-AIR Ref.
230/48T for stainless steel - FOOD and CONSTRUCTION 72123048NSF
230/60T LBS shock resistant 72223060
230/48T stainless steel 72123048Y
230/48T standard for steel 72123048
230/60T for aluminum 72123060
230/68T for thin walled material 72123068
230/84T for thin sheet metal 72123084

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