Dry Miter Cutter 9410ND cuts steel, non-ferrous, soft metals and composites...
Dry Miter Cutter 9410ND for steel
  • The precise miter saw for metal: Ideal for cutting tubes & profiles made of stainless steel, steel,
    non ferrous metal, plastic and composite materials
  • Fine cuts in soft and sensitive materials
  • No need of lubricant and manual deburring
  • Accurately adjustable miter cut of  -45° - 0° -  +45°
  • Secure fixing with double 3-step quick release system
  • Fitted with a Ø 255/60T HM saw blade
  • Robust aluminum construction, strong and light: only 19 kg !
  • The solution for dry wall construction!

  • Dry Miter Cutter 9410ND - Best choice for professional work on construction site: interior, exterior, kitchen, heating, air conditioning, sanitation, etc.

  • Dry Miter Cutter 9410ND - Double 3-step quick release system
  • incl. fixation set „K“ for tubes Ø 30 up to 70 mm Ref. 600653
  • Dry Miter Cutter 9410ND - Fine cuts in soft and sensitive materials
  • Dry Miter Cutter 9410ND - Easy cutting of open profiles
  • Dry Miter Cutter 9410ND - Perfect miter cutting from 0-45°
  • Dry Miter Cutter 9410ND - Optional stand Ref. 600599
  • HM Saw Blades Ø 255 mm for Dry Miter Cutter 9410ND: 66T NSF for stainless steel - FOOD, 66T SI for stainless steel - CONSTRUCTION, 66T LBS shock resistant, 80T for Aluminum, 66T for thin steel, 60T for mild steel

Power input 1.500 W
Voltage 230V/50Hz
No load speed 1.600 rpm
Netto weight 19 kg
Blade size 255 mm
Max. cutting capacities in mm 90° cut 45° cut
Round 70 60
Square 70 x 70 60 x 60
Rectangular 100 x 70 60 x 60
Product description Ref.
Dry Miter Cutter 9410ND with 255/60T Saw Blade 230V 600651
Stand for Dry Miter Cutter 9410ND 600599
Fixation set „K“ for tubes Ø 30 up to 70 mm 600653
HM Saw blades for DMC9410ND Ref.
255/66T for stainless steel - FOOD and CONSTRUCTION 600654NSF
255/66T LBS shock resistant 72225566
255/80T für Aluminum 600655A
255/66T for thin steel 600654
255/60T for mild steel 600598

Metal saws from JEPSON for fast and burr free cutting of metal pipes and profiles without coolant!

JEPSON Power ® The inventor of the dry cutter technology - Advanced technology from more than 30 years of experience

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