Super Hand Dry Cutter 8320 230V with Ø 320/84T saw blade

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    Metal cutting circular saw by Jepson Power for fast and low-burr sawing of sandwich panels and trapezoidal sheets without cooling

    Ideal for cutting sandwich panels, trapezoidal sheet, trunking and cable ducting, steel pipes and nonferrous metals, composite materials etc., up to a cutting depth of 120 mm on guide rail
    Dry cutting without lubricant
    Closed construction of the blade guard prevents flying chips to the user
    Integrated chip collector, connector for optional extraction device
    LED overload indicator: green: ok | flashing red: warning | red: over load
    Lightweight magnesium: 8,4 kg (without saw blade)
    Ideal for clean and straight cutting of sandwich panels
    Optional guide rail delivered with 2 C-clamps

    Ø 320 mm / 84T carbide tipped saw blade included

    Der Einsatz von Sägeblättern mit einer Schnittbreite von größer 2,2 mm kann einen Schaden am Gerät verursachen und schließt eine Gewährleistung aus.

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