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For more than 40 years now, Ko Shin Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd., has been a leader in the OEM World Market using the JEPSON label. Just over 30 years ago JEPSON began to market its own brand directly to U.S. distributors.

We have enjoyed steady and consistent growth since that time. In 1990, JEPSON broke ground on a 10 acre tract of land, which now houses a 300,000 square foot facility where we now produce over 85 models of JEPSON tools. Our plant is one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the world. Each JEPSON tool is built with the finest materials and is then subjected to the strictest quality testing. It is this combined unmatched quality control, with JEPSON 's dedicated service, that is responsible for the rapid growth in sales and acceptance around the world.

For JEPSON, innovation means constantly improving our products, customer friendliness and value-added service. This is assured by our constant investments in research and development.

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Our engineers succeed time and time again in setting new standards in the industry with our Dry Cutting technology, an innovation pioneered by JEPSON in the 80's.

Dry Cutting was no longer just an idea, it became a reality. Utilizing the most advanced blade technology, the JEPSON Dry Cutters are machines on a mission, to provide cleaner, quicker, more accurate metal cutting than ever before.

This innovation has earned Jepson the market leadership in Europe with its Dry Cutters and their well-known yellow blue colours. The next generation of metal Dry Cutting machines and saw blades are developed and tested in the German factory.

As one of the world market leaders in portable electric power tools, we will continue to bring the best possible in innovative new products, and the highest standards in our industry on a consistent and continual basis.

Metal saws from JEPSON for fast and burr free cutting of metal pipes and profiles without coolant!

JEPSON Power ® The inventor of the dry cutter technology - Advanced technology from more than 30 years of experience

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